Creation of a database of hands and statures for generation of regression models in forensic anthropometry

Forensic science seeks to find solutions in legal cases such as explaining accidents and crimes. Most of the time it is necessary to determine the identification or characteristics of an individual from the remains of the same. Such identification is based on the use of regression equations generated from a sample of skeletons. These equations establish the relationship between two variables so that one can be estimated from another available. Brazil still does not have a database with accurate measurements of anthropometric parameters of its population. Such data are fundamental for the development of forensic studies in the area of ​​biomechanics. The objective of this research is 1) To create a database of parameters of the hands of a population of São Paulo and 2) To carry out regression analysis of these measures to generate an equations that can estimate the height of a person to give birth of measures of the hands. The applicability of the use of regression equations found in the forensic literature for the estimation of height from hand measurements will be investigated. The research aims to generate a new group of equations that are more adequate for the identification of individuals of a Brazilian population.

The database is under construction. Coming soon on this page!


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